TrueTimber XD

Snakeguardz TrueTimber XD


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Crackshot Corp Whisper Quite Turetimber XD Snake Guards

TrueTimber XD Snakeguardz

Whisper Quite Amerisuede

To Determine Size, Measure Calf at Largest Point.

Small - 5-9 inch calf

Medium - 9-14 inch calf

Large - 14-18 inch calf

X-Large - 18-21 inch calf

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TrueTimber XD Snake Guardz

Small Only 1 Small Left, Medium, and Large

Guaranteed Snake Bite Protection

Snake Proof Comfortable Leg Armor in TrueTimber XD - WhisperQuite Amerisuede

Hunters, Hikers, Campers, Border Patrol, Fishermen, Ranchers, Surveyors, and Realtors

Snake Guardz TrueTimber XD Amerisuede - $55.00

Click Below for Extra Wide Sizes

XX-Large - 21-24 inch calf

XXX-Large - 24-27 inch calf