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Kids snakebite protection     Kid's Snake Chapz in Khaki Tan         Snake Guards are constructed with 1000 denier Cordura Nylon encasing polycarbonate inserts which stop the fangs of poisonous snakes. Snake Guards are snakeproof to 17" high-just like snake boots.  Weighing only 11 oz each, they are puncture resistant tested to ASTM 1342-91 standards and stop a 12-guage shotgun blast at 20 yards!  They utilize a unique toe cover which covers the laces of a boot or shoe and prevent the possibility of snake fangs becoming entangled in shoe laces when struck. You don't want a mad reptile hung on your shoe laces. Snake Guards are the most effective leg armor available.

Unique patented design allows air flow between the Snake Guardz and the leg, providing cool, comfortable snake proof protection and unrestricted movement.     Click Here to See Catalog       Close Out Specials

      Snakes cannot bite through this tough leg armour. Walk with confidence.         Guaranteed Snake bite protection in new brown cordura snake leggings        Mossy Oak Snake Proof Snake Guards

Snake Guards leg armor now comes in several colors including mossy oak, superflage, khaki tan, brown, bushlan camo, and new gameguard camouflage.

      The best thing about wearing Snakeguards snake protection is that it allows you to enjoy your outdoor adventure without always looking down at your feet and the ground. The Manufacturer has been struck over 1600 times by poisonous rattlesnakes and never have the fangs penetrated the snake proof lining of these snake guards.  So you may watch the trees, fields, hills, scenery, or game or animals without worrying about those pesky snakes creeping up on you. It makes walking outdoors a pleasure.    Rattlesnakes Striking

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